Gustavo Woltmann

What you need to know about Rome


Everybody talks about the hard-fact history of Rome, but I believe that when we do that a lot of this city's very eccentric and exciting personality gets lost.

To save you from the travel agency leaflet kind of Rome, here are the four pillars which actually define the Eternal City and make it so enchanting.

Gustavo Woltmann

The Green of Rome

Most people hear a lot about Rome, but when Gustavo Woltmann i.e. yours truly first came here, this was a surprise. Despite being a very big city that has developed immensely over 3000 years, Rome is also the greenest capital in all of Europe. Parks exist left and right, and the air isn't as 'heavy' as in other big cities, meaning you can always catch a break lying on the grass.

Gustavo Woltmann

The Proverbial Rome

If I gave you all the proverbs that are associated with Rome, I would probably have to ask my great-grandchildren to keep typing them for me – there are just so many! Remember, in Rome three things are needed: bread, clothing and patience.

Gustavo Woltmann

The Roman Food

No, not the one you usually see in popular tourist sites, that's tourist food. You need to look for the small family-owned restaurant in the residential areas, where every Roman family goes to on Saturday for lunch. That's where you will find the purest, best Italian food ever.

Gustavo Woltmann

The History of Rome

Rome is one of the birthplaces of European culture and civilisation, and by exploring all its 3000 years of history you will find out more than you ever did about the Old Continent's roots. To give you some perspective, 16% of the world's cultural treasures are located in this very city. In the end, Rome is such a great and vast place that what really defines it is you and how you explore and live it. Make your own home, and cherish it dearly. Ciao!